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Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC)
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Papua New Guinea (PNG), with its population of 8.4 million people (2018), is located in the South West Pacific. PNG is surrounded by sea with its two closest neighbours being Australia to the south and Solomon Islands to the east. It has a land border with Indonesia to the west.

It is ranked 153 on the UN’s Human Development Index out of 189 countries [United Nations Development Program (UNDP), 2020]. An estimated 27 per cent of the population are poor and/or face hardship (2015 Pacific Regional MDG Tracking Report). A significant majority of Papua New Guineans live in traditional rural communities with subsistence gardens and small-scale cash crops being the main source of food and income.

Christian Leaders Training College of PNG is an interdenominational Theological College that was established in 1964. It has a medical and dental clinic which serves the 500 residents at CLTC campus as well as the 9,000 people living in surrounding villages.


There is a need for medical and dental equipment and supplies to serve the local community and to train other rural health clinic personnel.

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Medical Mission Aid are sending funding to purchase vital dental and medical equipment to improve dental hygiene in local communities and to enhance other health related services in the region.


There are so many needs here in Papua New Guinea, but one that stuck out to me was the massive need for dental care. Nearly every smile I looked at illuminated decaying teeth. Nearly every day there was someone in our health clinic with toothache. According to World Health statistics for 2013 there were only 13 qualified dentists outside of Port Moresby (for 7 million people).

After lots of prayer, faith for his provision, contacts and ideas, CLTC now has a dental clinic that has nurses trained in dental hygiene and tooth extraction! Every day I hear multiple stories of the positive impact our dental clinic has had on someone’s life.

Jill Tait, Health Promotion Officer, CLTC

MMA donated funding for dental supplies and equipment for the dental clinic, together with funding for oral health education in local schools.