1. Our Vision

To see a sustainable improvement in the health of all people in vulnerable communities in developing countries.

2. Our Mission

MMA partners with local Christians in developing countries to assist in the advancement of effective healthcare in disadvantaged communities.This is achieved through provision of medical scholarships, grants for medical supplies and supporting locally led preventative health initiatives.

3. Our Values

  • Christ-Centred – Being committed to upholding the centrality of God in our work and to respond to the Biblical mandate of Jesus to care for the marginalised and vulnerable.
  • Compassion – Having empathy with others and striving to understand their lives, experiences, discomfort and suffering, with a willingness to reach out in solidarity.
  • Integrity – Being accountable to the people and partners we serve, transparently sharing our results and stories.
  • Sustainability – Investing in projects that empower locals to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Inclusiveness, Equality and Justice
    Believing in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting and honoring each individual.

You can read our Statement of Theological Purpose here.